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Good Year for the Barges

Tank barge utilization rates in US coastal and inland waterways are running at 80 to 90 percent of capacity this year.

From a Famine of Pipeline to a Feast of Rail - Giving Thanks for Bakken Delivery

Last week the latest set of Bakken crude production numbers showed another big increase to reach 728 Mb/d. The challenge all along for this prolific land locked basin has been one of finding a ready market for growing production.

Rail it on over to Albany – Moving Bakken East

Move over old dog ‘cause a new dog’s moving in.  That dog would be crude oil from North America producers -- mostly light-sweet crude from the Bakken – moving by rail to Albany and on to other points east.  Not only is it a good market for Bakken oil, it might just be the ticket out of financial meltdown for East Coast refiners.