RBN Crude Oil Suite

RBN Crude Oil Report Suite

RBN offers a variety of reports and services focusing on a wide range of aspects within crude oil, natural gas, and NGL markets. These services are each divided into several different suites of Primary and Adjacent services.

Crude Oil Primary Services

Energy Reports

These PDF and Excel reports are updated regularly every week and provide data and analysis into the key metrics that drive the oil industry. Each report covers a different section of the industry, providing detailed coverage of each. Put these all together, and you have a comprehensive set of data and analysis to keep you well informed on changes in the dynamic U.S. crude oil market.

  • Crude Oil Permian – Weekly Permian basin crude oil fundamentals analysis
    The Crude Oil Permian provides clients with detailed analysis of the fundamental drivers impacting the Permian Basin crude oil market. Subscribers receive weekly updates that include: data; analysis and market intelligence; Permian crude oil supply and demand; pipeline outflows and capacity; prices; and infrastructure updates.
  • Crude Voyager – Weekly U.S. Gulf Coast crude oil export analysis
    The Crude Oil Voyager is a weekly analysis of U.S. Gulf Coast loading activity that explains the ebbs and flows of crude loadings, destinations, and geopolitical issues impacting U.S. exports. It outlines the major paths for laden tankers hauling U.S. crude all over the world and reflects the change in tanker departures to the main regions that consume U.S. crude.
  • The GUSHER – Weekly Macro U.S. crude oil supply and demand analysis
    The Crude Oil Gusher is a weekly crude oil report that provides data and reasoning behind the drivers of the industry’s most popular commodity. By listing market vitals like production, demand, storage, imports/exports, and prices, readers are prepared for market opportunities when they arise.

Crude Oil Adjacent Services

News and Analysis

Energy markets change daily, and what impacts one commodity, will have ripple effects across the entire energy spectrum. RBN’s News and Analysis services cover oil, natural gas, and NGLs with insights into developing infrastructure and pricing trends as well as explanations of complex issues to keep you well informed.

  • Backstage Pass – Blog Archives,Drill-Down Reports, Spotcheck Indicators, Market Fundamentals Webcasts, and Industry Networking Events.
  • Special Reports – A la carte Spotlight and Drill-Down reports and Market Studies.
    Special Reports include a la carte Spotlight and Drill Down reports from the Backstage Pass, School of Energy Online, and stand-alone Market Studies that take deep dive into a specific market dynamic.
    • Dakota - Bakken Crude Gathering Systems In Tough Times
      There has been a sharp decline in Bakken crude production in the spring of 2020, which comes on the heels of what has been a significant build-out of crude gathering systems. Crude gathering pipelines play a critically important — but often overlooked — role in the midstream sector. The new crude gathering systems that have come online in the past two or three years are concentrated in a relatively small area, in this case four western North Dakota counties…
  • Chart Toppers – Key market indicators to keep you informed of major movements.
    RBN Energy's latest service Chart Toppers is a tool for people who need to stay current with key market indicators. Every weekday morning at 6 AM CT, RBN will email you a spreadsheet with the ratios and models as well as the supporting data that we use to keep us informed of major market movements.

Maps of Crude Oil Infrastructure

RBN’s Mapping Services include a prebuilt digital and physical infrastructure map store, our online Midstream Infrastructure Database Interface (MIDI), and Custom GIS Services.

  • US & Canadian Interior Crude Oil Infrastructure Map
    RBN's new US & Canadian Interior Crude Oil Infrastructure Map features pipelines, refineries, and terminals that are new, existing, and under development from Canada to the Bakken Shale to Cushing.
  • US Gulf Coast Crude Oil Infrastructure Map
    From Waha to Cushing to the Gulf Coast, RBN’s US Gulf Coast Crude Oil Infrastructure Map provides an updated view into North America’s most prolific crude oil supply region.
  • Corpus Christi Crude Oil Infrastructure Map
    Gain insight and clarity into one of the United States’ most strategic Crude Oil Export Markets with RBN Energy’s Corpus Christi Crude Oil Infrastructure wall map.
  • Cushing, Oklahoma Crude Oil Infrastructure Map
    Bring clarity to the most complex and critical point in the U.S. crude oil market. Includes all the inbound and outbound pipelines and major intra-terminal transfer pipelines and identifies storage tank terminals by operator and capacity.

Education - Fundamentals

  • School of Energy Encore – An online video experience includes all of the material from the conference, including 14+ hours of video, slide deck PDFs, and Excel models.
    For those who were not able to attend our most recent School of Energy conference held on May 17-18, 2022, we have great news: all the material from the conference is now available online for purchase! Over 17 hours of streaming video breaking down our latest market analysis, forecasts, and "what it all means" for oil, gas, NGL, CO2, Hydrogen, and Renewable Diesel markets.
  • The Domino Effect-Rusty Braziel’s best- selling book about understanding energy markets: prices, flows, infrastructure, value, and economics.
    The book is a critical examination of the responses of those markets since the advent of the shale revolution and a framework for understanding what happens next.

Each service listed above is a separate subscription and is available a la carte or as part of a custom package. Services are available on a per seat license and as part of a group. You may also call us directly at 888-613-8874 and we will be happy to talk to you about any of these services in more detail and send over the appropriate samples.

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