Module 8 - What It All Means

Presenter: Rusty Braziel

The final School of Energy Module concentrates on the interrelationships of the natural gas, NGL and crude oil markets. 

8.1 Handicapping Forecasts and A New Energy Future. How should we view forecasts of production, demand and prices? How much faith should be place in the results of models and analysis? One way to answer those questions is to take forecasts from prior years and compare them with what actually happened. No self-respecting consultant would ever do that, right? Well, we do.

We are still in the very early years of the shale revolution. What has happened so far has surprised everyone not involved in the energy industry, and most who have been in the middle of it. We have not seen the last of the surprises. In fact, we are right at the edge of a new phase, that is playing out as U.S. producers respond to prices around $50. But there are a few things we know for sure, it’s a High Risk – High Reward environment. In this final module, Rusty reviews the key qualities and fundamentals needed to navigate through the rapidly changing markets.