RBN and Baker & O'Brien U.S. Refinery Billboard


RBN Energy and Baker & O’Brien’s U.S. Refinery Billboard provides an unprecedented view into the economics and operations of domestic refineries. This weekly report includes regional price spreads and netbacks as well as a refinery-specific breakdown of indicative margins based on 5-year average feedstock and yield sets in Baker & O’Briens PRISM™ refinery modeling system.

The news and analysis within the report provides key insights on U.S. refinery activity, covering the economics and market developments that are impacting U.S. refiners. We monitor each refiner’s performance and summarize the key drivers including margin analysis and refinery operations by region.

What you get:

  • Highlights and Updates
  • Gross Margin and Utilization snapshot
  • Crude oil netbacks
  • Regional Padd-by-Padd Summaries
  • Methodology notes
  • Baker & O’Brien Netback Calculator
  • Baker & O’Brien Refinery Margin Calculator

Tables and Figures:

  • Refinery Utilization Overview.
  • Indicative Margins by Region.
  • Margin Destruction due to COVID-19.
  • Regional Indicative Refining Margin Figures (USEC, USGC, Chicago, Los Angeles), $/B
  • Crude Price Differentials (Light-Heavy, Location).
  • Light-Heavy Crude Differentials.
  • Weekly Location Differentials of Major Crude Oil Streams.
  • Regional Product Arbitrage.
  • 2020 Regional Arbitrage.
  • U.S. and Regional Refinery Utilization
  • Crude Oil Netbacks.
  • 2020 Regional Crude Oil Netbacks (WCS, Bakken, Eagle Ford, WTI).
  • PADD 1-5 Indicative Gross Margins by Refinery

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