RBN Cushing Crude Oil Playbook

RBN Energy's Cushing Crude Oil Playbook

Decoding the U.S.’s Core Crude Storage & Midstream Complex

The Cushing Hub in central Oklahoma is the U.S.’s preeminent crude storage and midstream complex, the benchmark pricing location for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude, and the physical delivery point for the CME/NYMEX WTI Crude Oil Futures contract, the most liquid of all energy futures contracts. With its 300+ storage tanks totaling over 90 MMbbl of capacity and 30+ crude oil pipelines, Cushing provides unparalleled interconnectivity between the North American crude supply basins and destination markets. The hub’s operations are critical to serving crude market participants all along the supply chain, from producers and midstream companies to refiners and marketers. Yet, the inner workings of the hub have largely remained opaque to the market — that is, until now.

To truly understand Cushing — what it does and how it works — you need to know the hub’s assets and how they fit together.

RBN’s Cushing Crude Oil Playbook provides the first one-stop, comprehensive guide to the hub’s assets. Not just for understanding how market participants move crude oil through the Cushing Hub, the 110+ page playbook details each company’s footprint of the infrastructure it controls with maps and comparable attribute tables. It clearly lists each company’s connectivity up and down stream as well as diving into each individual pipeline’s history and specifications. The Cushing Oil Playbook dissects the Cushing Hub, giving readers unprecedented access to one of the most complex and important trading hubs in North America.

What’s included in the Cushing Oil Playbook Package:

Cushing Playbook (Digital & Print) – a comprehensive, hardbound reference book that provides visual and textual details for individual operators’ tank farms, including ownership, storage capacity, inbound pipelines, outbound pipelines, and other terminal connectivity.

Cushing Large-Format Wall Map – an aggregate, color-coded map of the crude tank farms and long-haul pipeline infrastructure, available in physical and digital formats, so you can get a clear, concise view of the geographic distribution and interconnectivity of the midstream assets at Cushing.

Cushing Online MIDI Map – a web-based, interactive tool that allows you to drill down on specific operators’ assets and save your custom views of the hub. The online MIDI map also provides as-it-happens updates based on M&A activity, storage tank additions, and project announcements.

Cushing Playbook Presentation – a presentation of the playbook contents with a questions and answers section lead by playbook author and RBN GIS Director, Noel Copeland.

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