EnergyGPS - Rock the Rockies Report

RBN Energy would like to introduce our newest partner, EnergyGPS, who specialize in North American Power, Renewables, and Natural Gas.  Since 2009, their experience and understanding of energy market fundamentals has delivered actionable insights to clients on market pitfalls and opportunities alike. There is currently a revolution happening in the Western Energy Market that’s set to impact Rockies Natural Gas unlike ever before, and they have detailed these effects in EnergyGPS’s initial Market Study, “Rock the Rockies”.  

The “Rock the Rockies” Market Study takes an in-depth look at;

  • The impacts of an aggressive Renewables expansion within California Power and Natural Gas Markets on the Rockies
  • The implications of the annual hydro season in both the Pacific Northwest and California
  • How the Natural Gas landscape has evolved in California over the years

To learn more or purchase the Rock the Rockies report, please contact TJ Braziel at, 281-819-1983 or fill out the form below.