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With RBN Backstage Pass™, you are joining an exclusive team of industry professionals with access to unique information, insights and connections across energy markets. By subscribing to our Backstage Pass™ Premium Services, you plug into our network and get direct access to our premium resources Subscription Details here.

RBN Backstage Pass™ resources include Drill-Down Reports, Blog Archive Access, Spotcheck Indicators, Market Fundamentals Webcasts, Get-Togethers and more. See details below. These resources provide in-depth investigation and analysis of the most important developments in today’s fast changing crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids markets.

An individual Backstage Pass™ is only $90.00 per month, payable by credit card. Multi-seat and corporate subscription discounts are also available. More information here.

If you are interested in the full suite of RBN products and services, you can elect to step up to our VIP Pass that rolls together Backstage Pass with subscriptions for our NATGAS Billboard (daily natural gas supply, demand, inventories, and pricing), NGL Voyager (twice monthly NGL market analysis) reports, a signed copy of The Domino Effect by Rusty Braziel, and free registration for one of our semi-annual School of Energy conferences, along with video replay of the entire conference. More information here.

Drill-Down Reports

RBN Drill-Down ReportsRBN’s Drill-Down Reports offer comprehensive, detailed assessments of major shifts in energy markets.  You can see PDF summaries for each of our Drill-Down reports at RBN Drill-Down Reports.   Our next publication topic and date are available at that same link.   Drill-Down Reports draw from all aspects of the information that RBN has gathered, organized and analyzed, including our blogs, presentations and input from contributors. The topics for Drill-Down reports are selected by the RBN team to address the most important issues in today’s energy industry. The reports are in PDF format, so you can download and save the reports to your computer or network.  

Publication Date 2017 Drill Down Report Title
February 6, 2017 I Saw Miles and Miles of Texas - Part 4: Texas Natural Gas Pipeline Flows, Capacity and Pricing
February 27, 2017 Will Natural Gas Production in the SCOOP/STACK be OK?
May 1, 2017 With A Permian Well, They Cried More, More, More: Capacity Constraints Loom Large For Permian Crude Oil, Natural Gas And NGLs
June 5, 2017 Spotlight: Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) - Natural Gas Liquids Pipelines & Services
June 27, 2017 With A Permian Well, They Cried More, More, More - Part 2: Natural Gas Takeaway May Become A Bigger Problem For Producers Than Crude Constraints
July 5, 2017 Spotlight: Enterprise Product Partners (EPD) - Part Two: Crude Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines and Services; Petrochemical & Refined Products Services
September 6, 2017 Spotlight: Plains All American (PAA)
September 13, 2017 With A Permian Well, They Cried More, More, More - Part 3: Permian NGLs, Plants & Pipelines
November 15, 2017 Hot Legs! Crude Oil Shuttle Pipelines And Gathering Systems In The Permian
December 20, 2017 Spotlight: EnLink Midstream

Full Access to Blog Archive

A RBN Backstage Pass™ subscription gives you full access to RBN's entire archive of almost 1,300 blog articles covering everything from crude oil prices, to natural gas supply demand, to ethane rejection. . You can use our sort and filter feature to find a specific article or to get a list of blog articles for a particular theme or date range.


RBN Spotcheck Indicators

At RBN, it is our thesis that by tracking and modeling the relationships between crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids we can best anticipate the major upcoming developments in these interdependent markets. In other words, we can develop a collection of models, ratios and differentials that can act as ‘canaries in the coal mine’, or early warning signals that markets are changing direction.

Using our SpotCheck market indicator pages, you can now follow these relationships on a daily basis. SpotCheck is simply a graphical representation of many of the models, ratios and differentials that we track in the regular course of our business at RBN. An RBN Backstage Pass™ subscription gives you the ability to access and manipulate SpotCheck graphics over a multi-year time span.

RBN Fundamentals Webcast

There will be three Webcasts exclusively for our RBN Backstage Pass™ subscribers throughout the year. These webcasts are presented by Rusty Braziel and other senior members of the RBN analytics team and cover the most important developments happening in the energy markets.  We will send an invitation email to all of our current subscribers once the webcast is scheduled. 

Backstage Pass™ Get-Togethers

RBN hosts several Get-Togethers for RBN Backstage Pass™ subscribers throughout the year. These are strictly social gatherings, but with all of our RBN folks attending, there is certainly a lot of market talk going on.

We hosted two of these gatherings in 2014, and two in 2015 - one in Houston and one in Denver.  We hosted 2 more Get-Togethers in 2016, which included a Crawfish Boil and a Backyard Barbeque. Will will host more in 2017 and we will send an email to all current subscribers once they have been scheduled.  

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