NATGAS Master Class Encore

Natural Gas Flow Analysis & Pipeline Modeling
Was Held on April 10, 2024

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The Lower 48 natural gas market is one of the most liquid and transparent markets in the world, with granular gas flow data that provides visibility into the billions of cubic feet of gas that move across thousands of miles of pipeline and daily spot and futures price indices for dozens of trading hubs around the country. The key is understanding how to interpret all that data, what it means for gas markets and for your business. It’s a tough skill to learn but those elite analysts who can correctly decipher the data can better explain what’s going on in the market and anticipate upcoming changes.

At RBN’s NATGAS Master Class Encore, learn from the experts how to harness the various datasets and gain a deeper understanding of gas market fundamentals.

This replay of the one-day online event focuses on understanding flow analysis, interpreting pipeline data and forecasting future flows. This Encore replay provides a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of these crucial topics and explore their practical applications through insightful presentations, interactive exercises and discussion.

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NATGAS Master Class - Premier Mentorship Packages

RBN is now offering the opportunity to supplement the NATGAS Master Class experience for your company with Premier Mentorship Packages. These programs get you guidance and coaching directly from Lindsay Schneider, RBN’s principal consultant and analyst with more than a decade of experience in North American gas, LNG and power markets, who can provide tailored instruction on how to translate natural gas fundamentals data into actionable insights. Choose among the following options:

  • Company Presentation: An all-day in person class customized to the needs of your firm. This class can include selected sessions from the School of Energy in addition to Master Class content.
  • Master Class Encore: An all-day online class offers a complete replay of the original Master Class experience but with enhanced interactivity and Q&A sessions dedicated exclusively to the concerns of your firm’s employees.
  • Custom Scenario: Targeted training where Lindsay uses the tools from Master Class to analyze a particular region and/or scenario. She will then instruct you and your analysts in how the analysis was conducted and how it can be replicated.
  • Model Review: An opportunity for Lindsay to check your work – reviewing a project undertaken by analysts at your firm according to the principles from Master Class. This can be a regional balance model or a scenario analysis.
  • Hourly Instruction: One or more hours of Q&A with Lindsay where your firm’s employees may receive answers to any questions they have after viewing Master Class Encore.

For pricing and scheduling options, please contact or call 281-819-1983.

What to expect

The NATGAS Master Class Encore features several presentations designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the complexities of natural gas markets.

  1. Understanding The Data - EBBs, Reporting Requirements and Limitations:

    • Pipelines report natural gas nominations through Electronic Bulletin Boards (EBB). Understand the reporting requirements and the limitations of data and learn best practices for extracting meaningful insights from the available information.
  2. How to Read Pipeline Data:
    • The data is only as good as your ability to understand it. Learn the art of reading and interpreting pipeline data accurately and avoiding common pitfalls.
  3. Flow Analysis Overview - What It Is and What You Use It For:
    • With data in hand, it’s time to translate that into a story. To do that, you’ll need to gain a comprehensive understanding of flow analysis, its purpose and how it is best utilized.
  4. Modeling Production, Demand and Pipelines:
    • For those who know what they’re looking at, flow analysis can be used to derive valuable real-time insights about what is happening in the market. Master the techniques of modeling production, understanding demand patterns and identifying market dislocations.
  5. Forecast Regional Dynamics:
    • Finally, we’ll teach you to unlock the secrets of regional balances and understand their impact on the distribution of resources – including what it will mean for future flows and prices. Use these skills to pinpoint key factors influencing regional dynamics and so that you can adapt your strategies accordingly.  

Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of flow analysis and data interpretation in the pipeline industry. Expand your skill set and gain a competitive advantage in your field.

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Lindsay Schneider

Hosted By Lindsay Schneider

RBN Energy Principal Consultant and Analyst 

Lindsay Schneider is an energy analyst and consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in North American gas, LNG and power markets. She was previously a Sr. Manager at Wood Mackenzie covering gas markets with a focus on natural gas pipelines and regional pricing/market dynamics. Prior to Wood Mackenzie, Lindsay was a fuels analyst for Exelon Generation. She has a BS in mathematics and a BA in economics from the Pennsylvania State University.

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