Pending Natural Gas Pipeline Projects

Project Name In Service Date Operator Project Type Stagesort descending
Warrior Q3/2024 Energy Transfer New Build
Texas to Louisiana Energy Pathway Q1/2025 Williams New Build
APEX Q3/2024 Targa New Build Announced
Northeast Energy Direct Q4/2018 Tennessee Gas Combination Cancelled
Appalachian Connector Q4/2018 Transco Expansion Cancelled
Penn East PennEast Pipeline New Build Cancelled
Access Northeast Q4/2019 Algonquin Expansion Cancelled
Prairie State Q4/2017 Tallgrass Energy New Build Cancelled
Constitution Q4/2020 Williams New Build Cancelled
Atlantic Coast Pipeline Q1/2021 Atlantic Coast New Build Cancelled
Pecos Trail Q2/2021 NAmerico New Build Cancelled
Permian Global Access Pipeline (PGAP) Q4/2022 Tellurian New Build Cancelled
Bluebonnet Market Express Q1/2020 Williams New Build Cancelled
Rio Bravo Q4/2026 Enbridge New Build Development
Saguaro Connector Q2/2026 ONEOK New Build Development
Matterhorn Express Q3/2024 Whitewater New Build Development
Black Fin Whitewater New Build Development
DeLa Express Q4/2028 Moss Lake Partners New Build Development
Driftwood Q4/2024 Tellurian New Build FERC Application
Example Project Q2/2024 Example New Build On Hold
Haynesville Global Access Pipeline (HGAP) Q2/2023 Tellurian New Build On Hold
TETCO OPEN Project Q4/2015 TETCO Reversal Operational
Agua Blanca Pipeline Q2/2018 WhiteWater Midstream New Build Operational
Agua Blanca Expansion Q4/2020 WhiteWater Midstream Expansion Operational
Southwest Louisiana Supply Project Q1/2018 Tennessee Gas Reversal Operational
Gillis Lateral Q2/2021 Enterprise Products Partners Extension Operational
Lebanon Lateral 2014 Project Q1/2014 ANR Expansion Operational
Glen Karn Phase I Q4/2014 ANR Expansion Operational
Double E Q4/2021 Summit Midstream New Build Operational
Utica Access Q4/2016 Columbia Gas Transmission Expansion Operational
Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Q1/2017 Enbridge Expansion Operational
Atlantic Bridge Q1/2021 Enbridge / Spectra Energy Expansion Operational
Florida Southeast Connection Q2/2017 NextEra Energy New Build Operational
Sabal Trail Transmission Q2/2017 Spectra Energy / Enbridge New Build Operational
Broad Run Flexibility Q4/2015 Tennessee Gas Reversal Operational
Coastal GasLink Q4/2023 TC Energy New Build Operational
Nexus Pipeline Q3/2018 NEXUS Gas Transmission (Enbridge) New Build Operational
Broad Run Expansion Project Q2/2018 Tennessee Gas Expansion Operational
Adair Southwest Q4/2017 TETCO Reversal Operational
TransCameron Q4/2022 Venture Global New Build Operational
CJ Express Q1/2021 Midcoast Energy New Build Operational
Atlantic Sunrise Q4/2018 Transco Reversal Operational
REX- Zone 3 Capacity Enhancement Q2/2017 Tallgrass Energy Reversal Operational
Gulf Coast Express Q4/2019 Kinder Morgan New Build Operational
Trunkline Reversal Q2/2017 Energy Transfer Reversal Operational
Panhandle Reversal Q2/2017 Energy Transfer Reversal Operational
Continent to Coast (C2C) expansion Q4/2017 PNGTS Expansion Operational
Nueva Era Q4/2017 Howard Energy New Build Operational
Dalton expansion Q4/2017 Transco Expansion Operational
Trans-Pecos Q1/2017 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Rose Lake Q4/2014 Tennessee Gas Expansion Operational
Comanche Trail Q1/2017 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
East Side Expansion Q4/2015 Columbia Gas Expansion Operational
Utica Backhaul Transportation Q2/2014 Tennessee Gas Reversal Operational
Gulf Run Q3/2023 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Valley Crossing Q4/2018 Enbridge New Build Operational
Glen Karn Phase II Q4/2015 ANR Expansion Operational
Roadrunner Phase II Q4/2016 ONEOK Expansion Operational
Lebanon West II Q4/2016 Dominion Transmission Expansion Operational
Roadrunner Phase III Q4/2019 ONEOK Expansion Operational
Leidy Southeast Q4/2015 Transco Expansion Operational
NGPL- Gulf Coast Southbound Expansion Project Q4/2018 Kinder Morgan Reversal Operational
Line N Westside expansion Q3/2016 National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation Expansion Operational
NGPL- Gulf Coast Southbound Expansion Phase II Q2/2021 Kinder Morgan Expansion Operational
TETCO Team 2014 Q4/2014 TETCO Expansion Operational
Northern Supply Access (TGT expansion) Q2/2017 Texas Gas Transmission Reversal Operational
Empire North Expansion Q3/2020 Empire Pipeline Reversal Operational
Ohio Valley Connector Q2/2016 Equitrans New Build Operational
Gulf Xpress Q1/2019 TC Energy/CPG Combination Operational
Leach Xpress Q4/2017 TC Energy/CPG Combination Operational
Access South Q4/2017 TETCO Reversal Operational
Rover Pipeline Phase I Q3/2017 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Gulf Trace Expansion Q1/2018 Williams Partners Expansion Operational
Rover Pipeline Phase II Q2/2018 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Southeast Mainline Reversal Q4/2015 ANR Reversal Operational
Sunbury Q1/2017 UGI Energy Services New Build Operational
TETCO Gulf Markets Expansion- Phase I Q4/2016 TETCO Reversal Operational
Whistler Pipeline Q3/2021 MPLX New Build Operational
Gulf Markets Expansion Phase II Q3/2017 Enbridge Expansion Operational
Permian Highway Pipeline Q1/2021 Kinder Morgan New Build Operational
Mountain Valley MVP New Build Under Construction