Pending Crude Oil Pipeline Projects

Project Name In Service Date Operator Project Type Stagesort descending
Sandpiper Q1/2019 Enbridge New Build Cancelled
Westward Ho Q4/2017 Shell New Build Cancelled
South Texas Gateway Q2/2020 Buckeye Partners New Build Cancelled
Jupiter Crude Pipeline Q4/2020 Jupiter MLP New Build Cancelled
Seahorse Pipeline Q3/2021 Tallgrass Energy New Build Cancelled
Inland California Express Q4/2017 Questar Reactivation Cancelled
Keystone XL Q4/2023 TC Energy New Build Cancelled
Midland to ECHO IV Q2/2021 Enterprise Products Partners Combination Cancelled
Liberty Q2/2021 Phillips 66 New Build Cancelled
Energy East Q4/2020 TransCanada Combination Cancelled
Red Oak Q2/2021 Phillips 66 New Build Cancelled
Northern Gateway Westbound Q4/2018 Enbridge New Build Cancelled
ACE Q4/2020 Harvest Midstream New Build Cancelled
Freedom Q4/2018 Kinder Morgan Conversion Cancelled
Northern Gateway Eastbound Q4/2018 Enbridge New Build Cancelled
Diamond Expansion Q3/2021 Plains All American Expansion Cancelled
Knight Warrior Q2/2016 BlueKnight New Build Cancelled
Minnesota Pipeline Reliability Project Q4/2017 Minnesota Pipeline Expansion On Hold
Platte Twin (Guernsey to Patoka) Q4/2020 Spectra New Build On Hold
White Cliffs Expansion Q2/2016 Rose Rock Expansion Operational
Grand Rapids Southbound Q3/2017 TransCanada New Build Operational
Grand Rapids Northbound Q2/2017 TC Energy New Build Operational
Diamond Q4/2017 Plains New Build Operational
RIO Q3/2016 Rangeland New Build Operational
Zydeco Houma to St. James Expansion Q1/2018 Shell New Build Operational
Permian Express II Q3/2015 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Southern Access Extension (SAX) Q4/2015 Enbridge New Build Operational
Cactus Q2/2015 Plains All American New Build Operational
EPIC Pipeline Q3/2019 EPIC New Build Operational
Cactus Expansion Q4/2017 Plains All-American Expansion Operational
BridgeTex Expansion Q2/2017 Magellan Midstream Partners Expansion Operational
Cushing MarketLink Houston Lateral Q3/2016 TransCanada New Build Operational
Cactus II Q3/2019 Plains All American Combination Operational
Dakota Access (DAPL) Q2/2017 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Gray Oak Q1/2020 Phillips 66 New Build Operational
Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline (ETCOP) Q2/2017 Energy Transfer Combination Operational
Permian Longview and Louisiana Extension (PELA) Q2/2016 Sunoco Logistics Combination Operational
Grand Mesa Q4/2016 NGL Partners / Grand Mesa New Build Operational
Wink to Webster Q4/2021 Plains/Exxon/Lotus/MPLX JV New Build Operational
HoustonLink Q4/2016 TransCanada/Magellan New Build Operational
Midland to ECHO II Q2/2019 Enterprise Products Partners Conversion Operational
Midland to ECHO III Q3/2020 Enterprise Products Partners Expansion Operational
Trans Mountain Expansion Q2/2024 Canadian Government Expansion Operational
Capline Reversal - Heavy Crude Q1/2022 Marathon Pipe Line Reversal Operational
Midland to ECHO I Q2/2018 Enterprise Products Partners New Build Operational
Capline Reversal - Light Crude Q3/2020 Marathon Pipe Line Reversal Operational
Caddo Q1/2017 Plains New Build Operational
Pony Express Northeast CO Lateral Q2/2015 TallGrass New Build Operational
South Bend Line Q1/2023 Bridger Pipeline New Build Operational
Equality Q3/2020 Bridger Pipeline New Build Operational
Bayou Bridge Q1/2016 Energy Transfer New Build Operational
Red River Expansion Q2/2020 Plains All American Expansion Operational
Bayou Bridge Pipeline Extension Q2/2019 Energy Transfer Extension Operational
Ted Collins Link Q4/2021 Energy Transfer Combination Operational
Alberta Clipper Expansion Phase II Q3/2015 Enbridge Expansion Operational
Permian Express III Q4/2018 Energy Transfer Expansion Operational
Delaware Basin Extension Q2/2016 Sunoco Logistics New Build Operational
Permian Express IV Q3/2019 Energy Transfer Expansion Operational
Rancho II Q3/2015 Enterprise Products Partners New Build Operational
Enbridge- Line 3 Replacement Q4/2021 Enbridge Operational
Saddlehorn Q4/2016 Magellan Midstream Partners / Plains All American / Anadarko New Build Operational