Market Studies

These are independent studies that provide a deep dive into a commodity, region, or market with insights into new industry trends. Generally, more detailed, and less frequent than our Drill Down reports, these are only published when we uncover a story that we fell the market is either unaware of or is under appreciating its significance.

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Previous Market Studies

  • Piranha! The “Piranhaization” of U.S. Exploration & Production (E&P) (Released 2017) - Piranha! is a market study about understanding this industry-wide transformation, identifying the companies best positioned for success, and predicting how the changes in U.S. E&P sector will continue to dominate the supply side of the supply/demand balance, not only in the U.S. but around the globe.
  • Battle for Henry Hub (Released 2014) – More than 60 natural gas pipeline projects are in the process of reversing the continent's gas flows to move gas out of the Northeast, and much of that production will ultimately end up on the Gulf Coast. That gas will collide with residue and associated gas moving into Louisiana from the west, sourced from “wet” gas and crude oil plays in TX, NM, OK and ND. Natural gas surpluses will be battling it out for market share in and around the Henry Hub, armed with economics far more powerful than those earlier skirmishes in 2008-10.