RBN ClusterX Introduction

Welcome Backstage Pass Subscribers to your free trial of the NGL Channel on ClusterX!

Trial Period: September 30 – October 13

Backstage Pass Test Drive - Free Trial (1:35) - Welcome to your free trial of RBN’s NGL Channel on ClusterX

Whether you're at your desk or on the go, ClusterX is there to bring you up-to-date information and market data in an easy to use interface.

Below are a brief set of videos that will introduce you to ClusterX, discuss your trial, and provide training on how to use the application on your phone and computer.

Once you’ve learned about ClusterX, we encourage you to dive in! Enjoy your free trial to the NGL Channel and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. At the end of your trial you may purchase a monthly or annual license for you and your team through RBN just like you would any other RBN subscription.

ClusterX Web Edition

Access ClusterX on the web. Supports Android, iOS, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

ClusterX iOS Edition

Access ClusterX on your iPad and iPhone. Supports push notifications.

Discover ClusterX

Introduction to the ClusterX App (1:29) - Get acquainted with the ClusterX app and its exciting new features

Navigating the ClusterX App (2:55) - Learn about how to use the app and how to navigate the key features

Reclustering - The ClusterX Difference (1:45) - Learn about reclustering, the unique feature that allows users to focus on the topic of their choice

Exploring the Data Inside ClusterX (1:44) - Discover all the data and information provided on ClusterX

How to use ClusterX (2:18) - View a few of the most common reasons people use ClusterX

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