About ClusterX

ClusterX is an app for delivering energy information to your PC, phone and other devices. It gives you direct and immediate access to prices for a wide range of energy commodities, along with articles, reports, blogs, industry stats - everything you need to keep up with energy markets.

What is unique about ClusterX is that the data is displayed in such a way that it can be reorganized on the fly. Each piece of information is shown in a “cell” designed to depict that information in the most intuitive way possible. The cells are organized around a central theme, like NGL prices, or crude oil futures. You pick a cell that represents the theme you are interested in - we call it the “centroid”. Other cells that are most closely related to that central theme are shuffled by the app and placed on your screen so that they are nearest to the centroid. And you can select a new theme and recluster all the cells around it whenever you want. In effect, you can choose how to organize prices, articles and other data around what is most important for you.

Each cell shows summary information that you can see on its surface and for more information just click on the cell and it opens up to reveal articles, graphs, charts, and tables that go deep into the energy market analytics.

It’s a new way to keep up with energy markets. Join the revolution!