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The Contenders - What We Know of the Secret List of Survivors of DOE’s Hydrogen Hub Cutdown Jason Lindquist Renewables January 16, 2023 1.00
Stuck in the Middle With You, Part 2 - U.S. Outlines Criteria for Direct Air Capture Hubs Jason Lindquist Renewables January 19, 2023 1.00
Just a Little Bit Better - 'Electrofuels' Could Play a Role in Decarbonizing Transportation Jason Lindquist Renewables February 2, 2023 1.00
Less Than You Think - New White House Guidance on Environmental Policy Might Have a Limited Effect on FERC Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory February 6, 2023 1.00
The Contenders, Part 2 - To Survive DOE's Hydrogen Hub Cutdown, Certain Factors May Prove Critical Jason Lindquist Renewables February 7, 2023 1.00
The Longest Time - For Carbon-Capture Projects, Storage Risks Require Decades of Monitoring Jason Lindquist Renewables February 9, 2023 1.00
Name Game, Part 2 - When it Comes to Forecasting the IRA's Full Impact, the Devil’s in the Details Jason Lindquist Renewables February 16, 2023 1.00
Still Not Dead - Petra Nova's New Lease on Life a Critical Test for Carbon-Capture Technology Jason Lindquist Renewables February 22, 2023 1.00
Like a Rolling Stone - With Sanctions in Place, Russia's Oil-and-Refining Sector Faces a Slow, Steady Decline Jason Lindquist Crude Oil February 28, 2023 1.00
Just a Little Bit Better, Part 2 - HIF Global Advancing Plans for First World-Scale eFuels Plant Jason Lindquist Renewables March 14, 2023 1.00
Don't Pass Me By - Plans for Energy Development Largely Rest on Fate of U.S. Permitting Reform Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory March 27, 2023 1.00
The Contenders, Part 3 - LIGH2T Hydrogen Hub Seen as Platform for Industrial-Scale Decarbonization Jason Lindquist Renewables April 2, 2023 1.00
Cover Me - With Methane Emissions, Solutions Can Be As Tricky to Pin Down As the Problem Itself Jason Lindquist Natural Gas April 12, 2023 1.00
Name Game, Part 3 - The IRA's Sourcing Rules Chart a Narrow Path to Full EV Tax Credits Jason Lindquist Renewables April 26, 2023 1.00
Don't Pass Me By, Part 3 - For Wind and Solar Projects, Permitting Battles Increasingly Turn Local Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory June 1, 2023 1.00
Things Have Changed - As U.S. Oil Production and Exports Rise, Midstream Players Seek an Edge Jason Lindquist Crude Oil June 13, 2023 1.00
Rescue Me - Debt-Ceiling Deal Remakes NEPA, Shows a Path to Further Permitting Reforms Jason Lindquist Financial June 15, 2023 1.00
Don't Pass Me By - With Many Steps Required, Mining Projects Face Trickiest Path to Approval Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory June 29, 2023 1.00
Connection, Part 2 - Could EVs Someday Help Tame California's Troublesome 'Duck Curve'? Jason Lindquist Renewables July 12, 2023 1.00
Easier Said Than Done - Permitting for Energy Projects Proves to Be a Delicate Balancing Act Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory August 7, 2023 1.00