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Don't Pass Me By, Part 3 - For Wind and Solar Projects, Permitting Battles Increasingly Turn Local Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory June 1, 2023 1.00
Things Have Changed - As U.S. Oil Production and Exports Rise, Midstream Players Seek an Edge Jason Lindquist Crude Oil June 13, 2023 1.00
Rescue Me - Debt-Ceiling Deal Remakes NEPA, Shows a Path to Further Permitting Reforms Jason Lindquist Financial June 15, 2023 1.00
Don't Pass Me By - With Many Steps Required, Mining Projects Face Trickiest Path to Approval Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory June 29, 2023 1.00
Connection, Part 2 - Could EVs Someday Help Tame California's Troublesome 'Duck Curve'? Jason Lindquist Renewables July 12, 2023 1.00
Easier Said Than Done - Permitting for Energy Projects Proves to Be a Delicate Balancing Act Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory August 7, 2023 1.00
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Hydrogen's Colors Hog the Spotlight, but Tax Credit Puts Focus on Carbon Intensity Jason Lindquist Renewables August 9, 2023 1.00
I'm a Believer - U.S. Refiners Stand to Benefit from Longer Reliance on Liquid Fuels, Limited Global Capacity Additions Jason Lindquist Refined Fuels August 17, 2023 1.00
We've Only Just Begun - Carbon Capture Faces Several Challenges To Wider Commercialization Jason Lindquist Renewables August 23, 2023 1.00
The Contenders - Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub Banks on Off-Grid Renewables, Salt-Dome Storage Jason Lindquist Renewables September 27, 2023 1.00
Connection - Surging Hydrocarbon Production Increasingly Links U.S. to Global Markets Jason Lindquist Crude Oil October 2, 2023 1.00
Total Eclipse of the Heart - 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse to Stress Power Grids from California to Texas Jason Lindquist Renewables October 11, 2023 1.00
Still Not Dead - Petra Nova Restart Provides an Intriguing Test Case for Carbon-Capture Technology Jason Lindquist Renewables October 16, 2023 1.00
The Contenders - Department of Energy Follows its Blueprint in Selection of Clean Hydrogen Hubs Jason Lindquist Renewables October 17, 2023 1.00
Can't Help Falling in Love - Hawaii Finds the Move Away from Fossil Fuels is Easier Said Than Done Jason Lindquist Renewables May 31, 2023 1.00
New York State of Mind - New York Will Need Unprecedented Increase in Wind, Solar to Hit 2030 Target Jason Lindquist Renewables October 30, 2023 1.00
Rock and a Hard Place - Fierce Opposition, Lack of Regulatory Framework Squeeze CO2 Pipeline Projects Jason Lindquist Renewables October 29, 2023 1.00
When the Wind Blows - Potential Project Cancellations Highlight Difficulties for Offshore Wind Jason Lindquist Renewables September 17, 2023 1.00
When The Wind Blows - Offshore Wind Stung By Project Cancellations, But Progress Can Be Seen Too Jason Lindquist Renewables November 8, 2023 1.00
Just Dropped In - Renewable Naphtha Likely to Play Increasing Role in Decarbonization Efforts Jason Lindquist Renewables November 15, 2023 1.00