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Don't Give Up - Amidst a Production Revival, the Offshore Gulf of Mexico Faces New Challenges Housley Carr Crude Oil November 30, 2023 1.00
Signs of Life - Williams's Transco Corridor Expansions Give Appalachian Gas Producers a Way Out Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas November 19, 2023 1.00
Signs of Life, Part 2 - Transco Corridor Expansions Give Appalachian Gas Producers a Way Out Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas December 3, 2023 1.00
Love is a Battlefield - U.S. Push to Decarbonize Playing Out Very Differently from State to State Jason Lindquist Renewables December 4, 2023 1.00
Cold As Ice - Pending Closure of Everett LNG Terminal Poses Challenge for New England Gas Supply Lisa Shidler Natural Gas December 5, 2023 1.00
Q3 2023 E&Ps' Cash Flow Allocation Nick Cacchione Financial December 6, 2023 1.00
End Game - Targeted Approach Could be Key to Success for Carbon-Capture Pipeline Projects Jason Lindquist Renewables December 6, 2023 1.00
Can't Get Enough - Gulf Coast LPG Export Dock Capacity Maxing Out; What Happens to U.S. Markets? Todd Root Natural Gas Liquids December 10, 2023 1.00
Take It Easy - E&P Shareholder Returns Stall Despite Higher Cash Flows As Caution Prevails Nick Cacchione Financial December 7, 2023 1.00
Chasing the Crown - Our Take on Occidental's Planned $12 Billion Acquisition of CrownRock Housley Carr Financial December 11, 2023 1.00
Something's Gotta Give - Five Ways the Market Could React to Surging Renewable Diesel Output, RIN Generation Jason Lindquist Refined Fuels December 12, 2023 1.00
Time Has Come Today - How Will EPA's Methane Rule Impact the Certified/Differentiated Gas Market? Housley Carr Natural Gas December 13, 2023 1.00
You Send Me – Moda Ingleside Deal Propels Enbridge to Leading Role in Crude Exports Housley Carr Crude Oil September 7, 2021 1.00
Free Bird – Project Canary Aims to Help Natural Gas Companies Mitigate Emissions and Reach Their ESG Goals Project Canary Sponsored August 24, 2021 1.00
Against the Wind - Capline's Volumes Making Strides Two Years After Reversal, But Headwinds Remain Sheela Tobben Crude Oil December 17, 2023 1.00
Welcome to the Future - Sulfur Credit Investments Pay Off 10-Fold for Forward-Looking Refiners George Hoekstra Refined Fuels November 29, 2023 1.00
Beautiful Texas - Kinder Morgan Builds a South Texas Gas Network Aimed at Mexico, LNG Exports Housley Carr Natural Gas December 14, 2023 1.00
Welcome to the Future - High Cost of Gasoline Sulfur Specification Tests Refiners, Analysts George Hoekstra Refined Fuels December 18, 2023 1.00
Let's Make a Deal - How Gas Pipeline Rates Are Really Set and Why You Should Care Rick Smead Government & Regulatory December 19, 2023 1.00
Empty Spaces - The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is Slowly Being Refilled. How Much Is Enough? Housley Carr Crude Oil December 20, 2023 1.00