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Just in Time - Chesapeake Counters Gas-Price Nadir With Output Slash, Innovative Inventory Build Tom Biracree Natural Gas March 3, 2024 1.00
2023 Gas-Weighted E&Ps' Financial Results Nick Cacchione Financial April 2, 2024 1.00
Good Enough - Most E&P 2023 Profits Dip To Solid Levels After Record 2022 But Gas Producers Struggle Nick Cacchione Financial April 3, 2024 1.00
Bringing Waxy Back - Uinta Basin Waxy Crude on a Roll as Gas Takeaway Constraints Are Dealt With Housley Carr Crude Oil April 2, 2024 1.00
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves - Short-Side Portfolio Players Seek to Turn the Tables on LNG Trade Richard Pratt Natural Gas April 4, 2024 1.00
The Weight - Explaining the Bump in Heavier Crude Oil Production in Texas, New Mexico and North Dakota Sheela Tobben Crude Oil April 1, 2024 1.00
Gulf Coast Time - Making the Case for Deepwater Crude Export Projects Brett Hunter Crude Oil March 18, 2024 1.00
Johnny B. Goode - Capital Discipline Resurrected E&Ps; Could Producers Now Backslide to 'Drill Baby Drill'? Rusty Braziel Financial April 8, 2024 1.00
Unintended Consequences - Plan to Boost E15 Gasoline Will Have Big Impact on Refiners, Retailers, Drivers Ellen Chang Refined Fuels April 10, 2024 1.00
(The EPA) Drives Me Crazy - New U.S. Rule on Tailpipe Emissions Conflicts With Energy Reality Jason Lindquist Refined Fuels April 11, 2024 1.00
Take Me to the Water - New JV's Focus Is Moving Permian Natural Gas to LNG Export Terminals Housley Carr Natural Gas April 14, 2024 1.00
If You've Got the Money, Honey - Investors Rewarded with Strong Returns Despite Dip in E&P Cash Flows Nick Cacchione Financial April 18, 2024 1.00
This Must Be the Place - Enbridge Expands Corpus Christi Assets to Bolster Crude Exports Sheela Tobben Crude Oil April 21, 2024 1.00
Patience - Navigating the Permitting Hurdles in a Race to Build the Next Deepwater Crude Oil Export Project Brett Hunter Crude Oil April 7, 2024 1.00
Leader of the Pack - Deepwater Port License in Hand, Enterprise's SPOT at Front of Export Terminal Race Taylor Noland Crude Oil April 9, 2024 1.00
Dark Horse - Sentinel Midstream's Texas GulfLink Emerges as Serious Contender in Export Terminal Race Taylor Noland Crude Oil April 23, 2024 1.00
China In Your Hand - Evolving LNG Market Could Mean Major Changes for China's Big Three Richard Pratt Natural Gas April 24, 2024 1.00
You Light Up My Life - Long-Duration Energy Storage to Play Critical Role in Renewables Buildout, Grid Reliability Lisa Shidler Renewables April 25, 2024 1.00
When Worlds Collide - U.S. Gulf Coast Refiners Face Challenges to Accessing Heavier Crude Oil Taylor Noland Crude Oil April 29, 2024 1.00
Oceanfront Property - Gauging the Promise of the Newly Announced DeLa Pipeline John Abeln Natural Gas April 22, 2024 1.00