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Hot Fun in the Summertime - Texas, California Summertime Power Prices Moving in Opposite Directions Lisa Shidler Power June 11, 2024 1.00
I Got the News - Making Sense out of Today's Red-Hot Energy Markets Rusty Braziel Sponsored September 1, 2021 1.00
Which Way Are You Goin? - Crude Oil, Natural Gas and NGL Markets in a Decarbonizing World Jason Lindquist Sponsored November 17, 2021 1.00
Standards - Project Canary RSG Certifications Key for Producers Aiming to Reduce Emissions Jason Lindquist Sponsored March 2, 2022 1.00
Bird in Hand - Project Canary Helps Companies Make the Journey to a Net-Zero World Jason Lindquist Sponsored May 10, 2022 1.00
Tell Me Why, Encore Edition - Markets React as the Energy Transition Slams Into Energy Reality Jason Lindquist Sponsored May 29, 2022 1.00
Free Bird – Project Canary Aims to Help Natural Gas Companies Mitigate Emissions and Reach Their ESG Goals Project Canary Sponsored August 24, 2021 1.00
Zombies: Shrinking Cash Flow And Rising Debt Turn Some E&Ps Into The Walking Dead Nick Cacchione Financial January 10, 2016 1.00
Changing Horses In Midstream? The Future of Master Limited Partnerships Sandy Fielden Financial January 13, 2016 1.00
Changing Horses in Midstream? The Future of Master Limited Partnerships – Part II – IDRs Keith Bailey Financial January 19, 2016 1.00
Changing Horses In Midstream – Master Limited Partnerships – Ongoing Challenges Sandy Fielden Financial January 25, 2016 1.00
We Get Back Up Again – Spotlight On DCP Midstream Partners Sandy Fielden Financial February 23, 2016 1.00
Hang On in There, Baby—Financial Struggles, Chapter 11, Asset Sales, Asset Purchases Rick Smead Financial May 2, 2016 1.00
Been Down So Long - U.S. E&P Upstream Capex Bottoms, Signs of Growth Emerge Nick Cacchione Financial August 25, 2016 1.00
Home Sweet Oklahoma: Enable Midstream - in the Middle of STACK/SCOOP Tom Biracree Financial September 7, 2016 1.00
You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine - Oil-Weighted E&Ps Put the Brakes on Capex Cuts, But Location Matters Nick Cacchione Financial September 8, 2016 1.00
Different Strokes by Different Folks - Investment in Unconventional Plays Rises Among Diversified U.S. E&Ps Nick Cacchione Financial October 4, 2016 1.00
Back in the Saddle Again: Some U.S Producers Stomp on the Gas Nick Cacchione Financial October 18, 2016 1.00
Ambitious Minds - Another Transformation Ahead for MPLX; A New Spotlight Report Nick Cacchione Financial December 19, 2016 1.00
Come Together - DCP Midstream LLC, DCP Midstream Partners LP Join Forces Housley Carr Financial January 9, 2017 1.00