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I Want Your Wax - Uinta's Prolific Waxy Crude Drives SM Energy/Northern O&G Purchase of XCL Housley Carr Financial July 11, 2024 1.00
The Times They Are a-Changin' - EU Methane Regs to Begin Impacting U.S. Natural Gas Producers Housley Carr Natural Gas July 10, 2024 1.00
Keep This Party Going - An Update on Canada's West Coast LNG Export Projects Martin King Natural Gas July 9, 2024 1.00
Keep on Loving You - LOOP Retains Its Niche Amid Proposed Offshore Crude Export Terminals Brett Hunter Crude Oil July 8, 2024 1.00
Homegrown - EOG's Focus on Organic Growth Stands Out Amid E&P Consolidation Wave Tom Biracree Financial July 7, 2024 1.00
Change is Going to Come - U.S. Oil, Gas and NGL Markets Face Challenges and Opportunities Kristen Hays Energy July 4, 2024 1.00
Big Wave - A Tsunami of New LNG Export Capacity Is Coming, With Broad Implications For Gas Markets Housley Carr Natural Gas July 3, 2024 1.00
Getting Closer, Encore Edition - A Drill Down Report on Four Projects Vying to be Next Deepwater Export Terminal Taylor Noland Crude Oil July 3, 2024 1.00
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - On-Purpose Propylene Doesn't Come Easy Kristen Hays Natural Gas Liquids July 1, 2024 1.00
Stop! In the Name of Love - Supreme Court Throws Out 'Chevron Deference,' Upends Regulatory Law Jason Lindquist Government & Regulatory June 30, 2024 1.00
Basket Case - The Strange Relationship Between Mont Belvieu and Conway NGLs Kristen Holmquist Natural Gas Liquids June 27, 2024 1.00
Canal Street Blues - Low Panama Canal Water Levels Mean Big Headaches for LNG Exporters Richard Pratt Natural Gas June 26, 2024 1.00
I Want to Pay You Back - E&Ps Sustain Sector-Leading Dividend Yields Despite Lower Cash Flows Nick Cacchione Financial June 25, 2024 1.00
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Light Louisiana Sweet Hasn't Lost Its Mojo, But Headwinds May Be Coming Sheela Tobben Crude Oil June 24, 2024 1.00
Manic Monday - Energy Transfer's Acquisition of WTG Midstream No Longer Includes BANGL Stake Kristen Hays Natural Gas Liquids June 23, 2024 1.00
She Ran Calling Wildfire - Acquisitions Propel WildFire Energy to a Leading Position in the Eagle Ford Housley Carr Financial June 20, 2024 1.00
Adaptation - With Changes on the Horizon, Nederland/Beaumont Export Hub Increasing Focus On NGLs Sheela Tobben Crude Oil June 19, 2024 1.00
The Waiting - As EPA Bottleneck Grows, CCS Approvals Pick Up Steam in States With Well Primacy Jason Lindquist Renewables June 17, 2024 1.00
Never Been Any Reason, Encore Edition - Why Oil, Gas and NGL Infrastructure Investment is Soaring While Production Growth is Flat Rusty Braziel Energy June 17, 2024 1.00
Getting Closer - A Drill Down Report on Four Projects Vying to be Next Deepwater Export Terminal Taylor Noland Crude Oil June 16, 2024 1.00