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Back to School of Energy – Pre-School International Energy Day Finalized Rusty Braziel Energy August 25, 2015 1.00
Can’t Get Next to You (But Now I Can!) – Propane Supply Growth Close to Largest Centers of Demand Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids September 1, 2015 1.00
Rocky Mountain Way – Production, Capacity, Flows and Projects – RBN Conference in Denver Rusty Braziel Energy September 20, 2015 1.00
Rocky Mountain Way – Low Oil and Gas Prices Mean Bargains for Producers and Midstreamers Rusty Braziel Energy October 7, 2015 1.00
Get Me to School on Time – School of Energy Online Now In Session Rusty Braziel Energy November 9, 2015 1.00
Be True to Your School of Energy – Making the Numbers Work in Today’s Energy Markets Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons December 13, 2015 1.00
The 2015 Hydrocarbon Top 10 RBN Blogs Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons December 30, 2015 1.00
The Top Ten RBN Energy Prognostications for 2016 – Year of the Monkey Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons January 3, 2016 1.00
Oh, Oh, Domino – The Shale Revolution and Energy Market Fundamentals: The Book Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons January 5, 2016 1.00
Brace for Impact - Of the 2016 Elections on Energy Policies, Politics and Markets Rusty Braziel Government & Regulatory March 7, 2016 1.00
Are We There Yet? - What $40/bbl Means to Crude Oil Markets Rusty Braziel Crude Oil March 23, 2016 1.00
Panama Canal Expansion- Here She Comes, Full Blast and Top Down Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons April 12, 2016 1.00
Faded Love - What Ever Happened to Condensates after Lifting of the Crude Export Ban? Rusty Braziel Crude Oil May 10, 2016 1.00
Faded Love - Condensates after Lifting of the Crude Export Ban - Still Being Whipsawed Rusty Braziel Crude Oil May 31, 2016 1.00
The Yellow Rose of Texas: Battle of Texas Ethane Begins as Cargo #1 Departs Morgan's Point Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids July 31, 2016 1.00
When My Ship Comes In - What Is Happening With Propane Exports and Ship Cancellations Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids August 9, 2016 1.00
We Don't Need No Correlation - Big Shift in Energy Fundamentals - Fall 2016 Rusty Braziel Energy August 29, 2016 1.00
Shooting Star - The Condensate Star Has Faded, but What's Next in the Conde Market? Rusty Braziel Crude Oil August 31, 2016 1.00
I Saw Miles and Miles of Texas - Northeast Natural Gas to Gulf Coast Export Markets Rusty Braziel Natural Gas October 9, 2016 1.00
Back from the Abyss - U.S. Producers Are Coming Back, Despite Low Prices Rusty Braziel Energy October 24, 2016 1.00