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Panama Canal Expansion- Here She Comes, Full Blast and Top Down Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons April 12, 2016 1.00
The Yellow Rose of Texas: Battle of Texas Ethane Begins as Cargo #1 Departs Morgan's Point Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids July 31, 2016 1.00
We Don't Need No Correlation - Big Shift in Energy Fundamentals - Fall 2016 Rusty Braziel Energy August 29, 2016 1.00
Shooting Star - The Condensate Star Has Faded, but What's Next in the Conde Market? Rusty Braziel Crude Oil August 31, 2016 1.00
Back from the Abyss - U.S. Producers Are Coming Back, Despite Low Prices Rusty Braziel Energy October 24, 2016 1.00
Play Guitar - Texas Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity, Flows and Basis - The Fretboard Model Rusty Braziel Natural Gas November 16, 2016 1.00
Back in the Saddle Again - Market Implications of the 2017 U.S. Oil and Gas Recovery Rusty Braziel Crude Oil March 26, 2017 1.00
Reality, So Virtual - RBN's Fall 2017 School of Energy Goes Virtual! Rusty Braziel Energy September 12, 2017 1.00
Up and Down - U.S. Energy Markets Facing Dramatic Basis Volatility Rusty Braziel Energy October 9, 2017 1.00
Please Don't Throw Me in that Briarpatch - Will U.S. Oil Markets be Roiled by a New FERC Order? Rusty Braziel Government & Regulatory November 26, 2017 1.00
Around the World - U.S. Oil, Gas and NGLs Now Inextricably Linked to Global Energy Markets Rusty Braziel Energy February 4, 2018 1.00
I'm Movin' Out - Oil and Gas Exports, Trade Wars, and the Implications for U.S. Producers Rusty Braziel Energy March 4, 2018 1.00
Take You Higher - Crude Prices Up, Crude and Gas Production at Record Highs, More Midstream Infrastructure Needed Rusty Braziel Crude Oil April 29, 2018 1.00
Ship Ahoy! U.S. Natural Gas Flows and Prices Are Now Inextricably Tied to LNG Export Markets Rusty Braziel Natural Gas June 4, 2018 1.00
We're Not in Kansas Anymore - The Conway vs. Mont Belvieu Propane/NGL Differential Blowout Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids July 2, 2018 1.00
Breakout! - Oil, Gas and NGLs from the Permian - RBN Announces PermiCon 2018 Rusty Braziel Crude Oil August 6, 2018 1.00
Everybody Wants You - Permian Oil, Gas and NGLs Target Export Markets Rusty Braziel Crude Oil August 27, 2018 1.00
Hotel Fractionation - Far-Reaching Impact of the Unprecedented Shortfall in NGL Fractionation Capacity Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids September 16, 2018 1.00
Take It All! Massive Shift of U.S. Crude Oil, Natural Gas and NGLs into Global Markets Rusty Braziel Industry February 12, 2019 1.00
Here, There and Everywhere - U.S. Exports Transform NGL Markets Rusty Braziel Natural Gas Liquids April 22, 2019 1.00