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The Top Ten Energy Prognostications for 2013 – Year of the Snake Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons January 2, 2013 1.00
Higher and Higher – A Better Forecast of Drilling Rig Productivity Sandy Fielden Hydrocarbons November 4, 2013 1.00
Higher and Higher – Drilling Rig Productivity in the Marcellus Sandy Fielden Hydrocarbons November 13, 2013 1.00
The Future’s So Bright I’ve Gotta Wear Shades – Crude, NGLs and Natural Gas Outlook Sandy Fielden Hydrocarbons February 17, 2014 1.00
The 2014 Hydrocarbon Top 10 RBN Blogs – Plus: The Big Index Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons December 30, 2014 1.00
Getting Better all the Time – Productivity Improvements, Crude Production and Moore’s Law Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons February 8, 2015 1.00
Hold On Tight By Production – The Impact of HBP Lease Provisions on Oil and Gas Production - Part 1 Sheetal Nasta Hydrocarbons February 18, 2015 1.00
All About that Base – Crude Price Crash, the Resource Base and Peak Oil Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons February 24, 2015 1.00
When The Sand Goes Down – Prospects For Fracking Proppants After The Price Crash Sandy Fielden Hydrocarbons March 22, 2015 1.00
Free Fallin’ – E&P Capital Spending Slashed but No Problem for Some of these Bad Boys Nick Cacchione Hydrocarbons May 19, 2015 1.00
More Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to Upstream Capital Spending and Production Estimates in 2Q/15 Nick Cacchione Hydrocarbons August 20, 2015 1.00
Time of the Season-Fall Borrowing Base Redeterminations for E&P Companies Subdued So Far Nick Cacchione Hydrocarbons October 21, 2015 1.00
With A Little Help From My Friends—Mexico’s Oil Sector in a State of Flux Housley Carr Hydrocarbons November 16, 2015 1.00
U.S. E&P Upstream Capital Spending is Slip Slidin’ Away Nick Cacchione Hydrocarbons November 17, 2015 1.00
With A Little Help From My Friends—Mexico’s Reforms Aim to Boost Oil, Gas Sectors Housley Carr Hydrocarbons November 18, 2015 1.00
With a Little Help from My Friends—A Drill Down on U.S/Mexico Energy Interactions Housley Carr Hydrocarbons November 23, 2015 1.00
If I Could Turn Back Production – Impact of Crushed Oil and Gas Prices on Production Economics Sheetal Nasta Hydrocarbons December 10, 2015 1.00
Be True to Your School of Energy – Making the Numbers Work in Today’s Energy Markets Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons December 13, 2015 1.00
The 2015 Hydrocarbon Top 10 RBN Blogs Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons December 30, 2015 1.00
The Top Ten RBN Energy Prognostications for 2016 – Year of the Monkey Rusty Braziel Hydrocarbons January 3, 2016 1.00